Reviews of our Products

I wanted to let you know that I LOVE my Sew Ezi table I use it almost everyday. I originally wanted to purchase it to take to workshops, retreats and camping and to use to sew on my patio and deck in the summertime since I work in an office all day and love being outside. Since I started using it with my Bernina machine I love the fact that my machine is set into the table giving me the whole tabletop for working on my project. It’s so much nicer than having my machine sitting on a table and just having the small work surface of the machine to work on. It makes machine applique, machine quilting and everything just so much more enjoyable and easier with better finished results. I love the Sew Ezi table even more than I expected. I find myself sewing more and using the Sew Ezi table instead of my sewing room counter top because of the larger, flatter work surface. I also love the fact that the table doesn’t vibrate or jump when I am sewing. That’s a big plus to the construction quality and stability of the table. I also like the versatility that I can have one table and use it with other machines by just purchasing the insert for my other machine. I also have a Singer Featherweight and love being able to use my table with both machines by switching the inserts.

I also appreciated your help very much when ordering my Sew Ezi table. The customer service is unbeatable. I highly recommend your Sew Ezi table and your customer service. It’s a win-win , Great Product and Great Service.

Thanks so much for improving my sewing experience with the Sew Ezi table.

Ruth Poffenberger,
Frederick, MD
The table is an engineering marvel. I am loving it. Just the right height and easy to tote.
Susan Mock, Hedgesville, WV USA
In a world full of poorly-made goods, I was pleasantly pleased when I received my sewing table. It is one of the best engineered products on the market. From the sturdy construction to the well-designed cover, it is a breeze to use. Nearly all my quilting friends have purchased your tables and not one complaint among the bunch. I just wish all products were so well designed. Keep up the good works!
Karen Ridenour-Price, Hedgesville, WV USA
I received my SewEzi last Thursday evening, put it together and used it this morning.

I am so impressed with that table!! The quality seems excellent and I really like how it lowers my machine. It makes sewing so comfortable and much easier to see my work under the needle.

The design is going to make it a breeze to take to the quilting retreats I attend, including the fact I will have much more space in which to layout my “necessities”.

The SewEzi is a quilter’s dream, one of those little pleasures in life that quickly becomes a necessity!

Just wanted you to know how much I like my SewEzi. Thanks also for the short time it took to get it to me after I placed my order!

Myrle Butcher
Just wanted to say that this arrived safely yesterday and I built it last night. I am very impressed-the quality is superb, the cut out for the sewing machine fits beautifully, and the attention to detail is outstanding (even down to the wooden battens in the packing case to protect it in transit. Thank you!
Alison Morris
I just wanted you to know how much I love my Sew-Ezi table! I’ve been using it about a month now and I love its portability and the ability to switch out my two machines. The surface is smooth and fabric moves easily across it! Being able to remove the insert makes putting the bobbin in my old Viking a breeze! It is just about perfect! I plan to add the light box insert in the future. Thanks for creating and producing such a quality product!
Kathy Watson
Got my table a week ago thursday (pretty speedy for pp) and I LOVE IT!

I would have written right away but have been busier than the proverbial one legged man. Plus I wanted to give it a real run through and I have.

So far my favorite thing is how sturdy it is. I may have mentioned that I’ve had my machine on tow tables and it shook them both terribly. I had to start holding the top of my machine with one hand as I sewed which is inconvenient to say the least. With the Sewezi, I can go at top speed with nary a wiggle; heaven! Also the surface is very smooth; most handy for free-motion quilting.

Let us not forget how easy it assembled. And how slim and light and maneuverable! I could go on and on but suffice to say I am a most satisfied customer.


I just received the inserts and QC blocks! And all I can say is, “PERFECT!!!!!” My little Featherweight fits in the table like a glove!

I LOVE this table! I’ve spent $100′s of dollars on sewing tables but the Sewezi is THE BEST built table around! Not only is it truly portable and light weight, but it is as sturdy as a rock!

There is NO wobble or vibration and the surface is smooth as glass including ALL edges. I just wish the designers and builders of this great little table would get together with Arrow’s and HandiQuilter’s table makers and show them how to make a “PORTABLE”, “SMOOTH TOP”, “STURDY” table.

The only thing I would change would be to increase its size a few more inches…but no matter…I still think it’s one terrific little table.

Thank you very much for all your help with this last order.

Cindy Holten
Your lovely sewing table arrived safe and well Monday morning. So easy to assemble. The new black covers with a zip are a great improvement. My friend will just love her new baby.

Thank you very much for the excellent packaging and prompt service to my door. Good on you kiwis. You have nailed it once again.

Judith Wastney
I ordered my SewEzi table at the Quilt Fest in Chicago this past April. It came promptly, and I LOVE it! I took it on the first outing to Charleston, WV for two days of machine quilting and embroidery classes with Sue Nickels. The SewEzi is fabulous, and it’s everything you said it is. Imagine: it has a flat sewing surface, folds flat, isn’t heavy, has two convenient handles, a great case with pockets for the inserts–and wheels! I am delighted with it at home as well–it fits right next to my long cutting table and is the same height; I can machine quilt on it, allowing my table to support the weight of the quilt. Thanks again for such a wonderful product.

PS: The insert fits my machine perfectly.

Nancy Ray New, New Martinsville, WV
I ordered your table on May 1, 2007 and just wanted to let you know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I ‘demonstrated’ it to several of my quilting buddies, and a couple of them took down the information to order one themselves. For someone who did not use their ‘expensive’ sewing machine and only used their featherweight because it was in a cabinet, my Janome thanks you! I just had to share how excited I am to have this VERY helpful table. I sang it’s praises to my friends. I find it very sturdy and just perfect for me. I also pointed out that in lieu of a much more expensive cabinet, your table couldn’t be beat! Thank you again.
Debbie Gerdy, s
2 Sewezi Tables arrived today via Courier. They were so easy to put together, well packaged and I am thrilled with the product. Thank You so much. My quilting friends will be so envious – All the best with your business.
Judith Wastney Nelson
This is just a note to say thank you. I purchased a table from you at the Houston Int’l. Quilt Show and received it several weeks ago. I LOVE IT! It is the best purchase I have made in a long time. Keep up the great work and I hope to see many more inventions from you.
Debbie Rury, Fairview, Texas